5 Things That Make You A Humble Coworker

On average a person spends about 8 to 9 hours at the workplace every day. This makes up more than half of the daytime we are awake. Hence, we all long for a workplace that is comfortable and motivating. The major factor that makes up the environment of a workplace is people. When you have good co-workers, work is less boring. The day at work also becomes a healthy social encounter. So, when we look and wish to have good co-workers, we should also try to be one. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to maintain a friendly environment for your co-workers. Here are a few things we should adopt:

1.  Appreciation

People, regardless of their age or experience, require appreciation. This further motivates them to keep their pace up in their respective fields or approach something entirely different. Either way, they achieve something out of the ongoing experience.

When people don’t get appreciated in a workplace they feel left out, or like they don’t belong, which makes it even harder for them to adjust in an office environment.

You should appreciate your coworkers’ hard work. It can help them enhance their performances and it also builds a trustworthy relationship between you and them.

2.  Communication

Communication is a very important tool which leads us to numerous opportunities in our daily lives, including at work. From the day when you are called in for the interview to the end of the journey, if one thing you have to keep in mind, it is that you have to communicate your way through the thick and thin. Now we all know it is not so easy because every person has their own interests and they might not have same interests as you do. Especially in workplaces, where there is diversity within the staff. The key is to find a common ground and start from there. Communicating with coworkers lets them rely on you empathically which also adds up to the friendly yet professional workplace environment.

3.  Sharing

Most workplaces are set up like racing grounds, everyone is trying to get ahead of everyone else. This competitive atmosphere cannot help people explore new abilities within them. It just keeps them on the tracks and running. To create a humble environment, you should share your resources and knowledge with your coworkers. Help them up the ladder, it will humanize and reduce the competitive approach of your coworkers and it would be more like a teamwork.

4.  Creating a comfortable atmosphere for new members

New members always feel nervous, whether it is a school or an office. They try to connect with some of the former coworkers, in order to get help in working through the first day nerves. On their big, first day, they mostly tend to think of the possible icebreakers to start a conversation with senior employees.

You should approach them on their first day. Show them the ropes, help them learn the rules and how things operate around them. This could also help them explore their abilities and work to their full potential.

5.  Dodging the gossips

Gossips, which can be entirely untrue, have become a part of the system. Gossips are originated from an unrealistic image that one has, in their mind, of the other. You should steer away from any area at the office where your co-workers are gossiping. The best way you can learn about someone is when you converse with them. Do not engage in the ongoing gossips regarding anyone. This way people realize, that you are more reliable and a line of trust is created between you and your