Good Deeds Are An Epidemic

The greatest effect on the environment around us or the society is made by different contributions from each individual. Whatever we do,  our acts affect society and people around us, directly or indirectly. Going on with our lives, we surround ourselves with so many people with diverse backgrounds. We do not notice how we are affecting some of them along the way. This can be seen in a common behaviour of children. Children tend to follow the actions of people around them, regardless of its nature. Being kind, gracious and humble to someone might wake something in them, making them realise that this could be a peaceful way to deal with their daily life struggles.

For example, let us focus our attention towards endangered animals. Not many people cared or thought about the perils in the beginning. But after a while, some people started realising how this issue has become hazardous for our society and nature. These people took responsibility and then organisations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Wildlife Conservation Society, etc. came into being. Now people are not only more aware of the endangered animals but are also investing in such organisations, helping them save the wildlife and nature. These organisations are providing safe habitat to the animals along with medical care, hence making a pathway for people leading towards the act of kindness

This prominent example defines how one initial step towards kindness can allow more and more people to do the same. Many inspirational videos have been made to demonstrate that one good deed done by a single person, can lead to several people around them, doing the same.

In this era of rush and constant struggles of achieving success, we do not realise the existence of people who are forgotten. The ones sleeping on the poisonous ground under the bridge. By just being kind enough to offer them a one-time meal might make their day. From the very beginning, we have learned in schools and from our elders to be kind and be humble to others, but in this race of our daily lives, we keep forgetting what we are in the world for. Sometimes, because of the betrayal, lies and frauds around us, we shelter ourselves with our cold and uncaring behaviour. In all of such negativity, when we see someone doing an act of kindness out of the goodness of their hearts and pure intentions, we realise what we are missing out on. It wakes something inside us and leads us to do good ourselves.

Good deeds are an epidemic. They spread like a disease from one to another on an extensive field. Just by a simple act, one can affect the actions of others. So if a person does something good in one part of the world, the goodness can spread out to the other part by this chain of people who are trying to provoke pure goodness into the world.