Find Your Motivation

Motivate Yourself

Do you sometimes struggle to motivate yourself? While most of us manage to drag ourselves into the office every day, it can be hard to put in that extra effort when it comes to completing a project or task. Being able to motivate yourself and find your inner drive is certainly a skill and sometimes we just can’t produce it without a little effort. Luckily, if you see motivation as a skill, you can also work to learn it and improve upon it. Here are some tips from More Good Deeds to get you started.


Take It Step By Step

Many people put off tasks which seem monumental. We get overwhelmed at the thought of what lies ahead and this apprehension leads to us putting off starting, making the project seem even more intimidating. If you can break down whatever it is you are faced with and identify your first step, then you have a clear beginning point. Once you’ve completed your first step, the next should come much more easily.


Motivation Takes Time

When you have a school assignment, work task or some other necessary deadline looming towards you, it’s not possible nor practical to sit around waiting for your motivation to find you. The strange thing is that often once you get started on a time constrained task, the motivation will catch up with you. Taking the first step may require motivation to begin with but once you’ve done that, chances are you’ll start to feel more motivated after the wheels begin turning. As long as you have enough motivation to get started, once you’ve done so, the momentum will kick in.


Remove Distractions

Temptations and distractions are no one’s friend, especially motivation. From checking Facebook to falling into the black hole that is YouTube, it is very easy with modern technology to get distracted. Alternatively, we can distract ourselves with other, less important or less time-sensitive tasks to avoid doing whatever it is we’re struggling to find motivation for. And then there’s those times when you know you really should be working but your friends have organised a night out. The problem is, you know you won’t enjoy your time out with the knowledge that you still have work to do looming over you. Turn off your phone (or at least mute notifications) and tell your friends you’re busy to allow yourself to focus on your task.


 It’s Ok To Fail

Often, the tasks we put off are those we don’t like. More often than not, the tasks we don’t like are those which we don’t feel confident or adept at doing. It’s ok to find something hard. It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to ask for help. Putting off a difficult, complicated or lengthy task won’t make it easier or shorter but it will make you feel much more stressed. Instead, face your challenge head on but be kind on yourself if and when you stumble. It’s ok to fail – really. We learn from every mistake and you’ll be able to do it better in the future. Don’t let fear hold you back.


Take Breaks

If your motivation is starting to wane, take a break. Rather than ploughing onwards and doing a sub-par job, step away and refresh. Often you can get stuck in a rut of monotony and while the task may be getting done, the quality is poor and the experience is wearing you down. Take a few minutes, an hour, a day or even a week (depending on what sort of project you’re working on) and decompress. You’ll come back revitalised, more focused, more efficient and with renewed motivation to power you through.


Being a ‘self-starter’ is a common buzz phrase you’ll find on a CV but it is also a value we should all strive to practice. Both in our work and home lives, having a motivational attitude towards life is not only a positive and pleasant ethos but will also make you a better employee, colleague and friend. I know it is easier said than done but having a get up and go attitude really does make life a more positive, vibrant and happy experience. Beyond that, your motivation could inspire and motivate others around you. Set an example to those in your life by finding your motivation and start moving forwards with a smile on your face.


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