Practical Advice To Make Your Life Happier

Smile Positive

Find out right now how you can change your life to make yourself happier. Really, this blog is going to give you some practical, applicable tips which will help you see an immediate improvement in your happiness levels. It’s all well and good for me to harp on about how to be happy every week but it’s another thing entirely for you to go ahead and make the fundamental changes in your life that will allow you to be truly happy. Or happier. Let’s start with a realistic goal, to start with. This blog shall provide you with practical advice to make your life happier. I promise.


Focus on the positives, not the negatives

I’ve written more than one blog about identifying what is making you sad or stressed and removing it from your life. What if we flip that on its head? What makes you happy? What makes you smile, appreciate life, enjoy your day? Rather than spending time trying to work out why you’re stressed or sad, let’s give more of our time to embracing whatever it is in our lives which makes us happy and focus on maximising it. If you enjoy exercising, go the gym more often. If you love animals, get a pet (responsibly, of course). If you love to cook, carve out more time in your evenings to dedicate to this. Spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time worrying about the things you don’t and you will, automatically, become happier.


Take things one step at a time

If you’re someone who gets overwhelmed at the thought of all the things on your to do list; stop, step back and take a deep breath. Every one of us has a seemingly endless string of tasks stretching ahead of us. The trick is to approach them with the right mentality. Rather than feeling intimidated by the end goal, focus on each stepping stone in the process which will get you there. If you have to write a report for work, for example, begin by doing some research. Once you’ve built that foundation step, the rest will follow much more easily. Similarly, if you’ve got guests coming for the weekend and the children’s activities make it look like a hurricane has torn through your house, don’t stand in dismay. Pick one room, start with one task (picking up clothes, washing dishes etc) and make that first step towards completion. And perhaps get your kids to help if they’re old enough.


Be present

None of us can predict the future so what is the point in worrying about it? Ok, the newspapers are hinting at the imminence of nuclear war but living your life as if the world is about to end is no way to, well, live. By placing yourself firmly in the present, you can better enjoy the good of the moment, without worrying about the what if’s of the future. It’s far easier to say this than do it, I know, but give it a go. Take each hour minute by minute and each day hour by hour rather than each month week by week or each week day by day. Focus on what you have in the moment to smile about, what is making you happy, instead of considering how future events could jeopardise those feelings.


Say ‘well done’

See the achievements for what they are. Too few of us congratulate ourselves on the smaller things in life and only focus on the big successes. But every step forward is a move closer to the end goal so why does it deserve any less recognition? Particularly if you struggle with self-esteem or confidence issues, recognising your achievements as you go along can be a very effective way to make your life more positive. You need to vocalise this, however. Try writing down a list of achievements at the end of the day or telling a friend/partner about your success. You could even treat yourself to something when you’re really proud of your accomplishment, whatever it is, and however important it is to you.



Finally, one of the most common causes for stress and anxiety and an overall feeling of ennui is simply a lack of sleep. If you’re stressed, it can be hard to fall asleep as well, forcing you into a seemingly never-ending cycle of becoming overwhelmingly tired and not being able to sleep because your brain simply won’t turn off. Try some natural sleeping aids to get you back into the rhythm of proper sleeping hours – about 8 hours is recommended. With a well-rested body and mind you will wake up more refreshed as well as having more energy when it comes to tackling your daily tasks, enabling you to complete them more quickly and leaving you more time for the fun side of life.


Go. Do. Experience. More Good Deeds.