Best Things In Life Aren’t Things

“Best things in life aren’t things” is a famous quote by Art Buchwald. The best things in life are people and feelings. The best feeling is when you spend time with people you love. The best thing in life is uncontrollable laughter on a long drive after movie night with your friends. The best thing in life is spending a day playing football with your kids. The best thing in life is cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning with your life partner. The best thing in life is achieving your dreams. In short, the best things in life are moments and the people you share them with.

Your Family:

From cradle to the grave there is one aspect of life that is constant. It is always there for you. Family stand beside one another in any circumstance. From parents to siblings, from life partners to kids, family is what gives you a purpose or rationale behind your goals. The best thing in life is to share moments with these people. This also includes your precious time.

Love plays a significant role in any person’s life. It changes how you look at things. Love lets you see the world from a different perspective. When people find true love they become the best possible version of themselves. The best thing in life is to spend an evening with your loved one. It is to call them up any moment to tell them how much they mean to you or just to update them about your day.

Your goals should help you find meaning in your life. They make your life better when you work hard in silence to achieve them. Goals give you a reason to live. Best thing in life is to see the pride in your family’s eye when you succeed in your goals.


Friends add colors to your life. They bring out the lightest side of your personality. With your pals, you can enjoy carefree time, share meals, take holidays and support each other through the good and bad times. The best thing in life is sharing your crazy side with your friends.

Shokhi Agarwal