5 Ideas To Make Your Neighborhood Greener

We all want to live in green neighbourhoods and pleasant environments. But how many of us choose to do something about it? Today’s busy city life creates a lot of pollution around us. We live in large concrete jungles with mesmerising skyscrapers. What about the large plants and bushy gardens? They are equally important. Of course, you can’t go on a planting spree throughout the entire city but you can definitely start with your own neighbourhood. Below are some of the ideas how you can start making your neighbourhood greener:

Know the people around you:

The first step before doing anything for your neighborhood is to know the people who live there. Try to learn how many of them would prefer more greenery around them? How many of them would participate with you in this initiative? Is anyone allergic to any particular plant? Understand all this and then get yourself embarked on the journey.

Start With Gardens and Backyards:

Once you have enough number of people to join you in this good deed, ask them to start at their own home. Nourish the gardens and backyards of the houses. Plant small trees there. Most people prefer flora in the garden. Go for more floral and decorative plants that beautify the houses and town on one hand and serve the purpose of health on the other.

Set up a flower shop:

This is a cool business idea and startup as well. Set up a small flower shop or truck in your neighbourhood. Often people don’t want to buy flowers far from their houses. The reason being, when you reach home the flowers are already dull and dry. If you set a flower shop in your own town, it is likely to make good revenue and also give a floral and green look to your neighbourhood.

Plant near pavements:

Why not plant trees near roads so they are visible and can be widely enjoyed. Also, during summer the grown-up trees provide cool shades to the road. This prevents roads from being damaged due to sunlight and also keeps the environment clean and healthy. Also, these larger trees are a great source of oxygen and reduce pollution.

Plant seeds at small public places:

Public places such as bus stops, the areas near shops, outside parking lots are surrounded by too much-polluted air. Plant small floral trees there. They can give your town a pretty look as well as a fresh feel.

Shokhi Agarwal