5 Things A Teacher Should Never Say to Their Student

Teachers are the second parents of any child. The teacher is the one that actually works with the young people, they also delicate works in the progress. Therefore, any harsh word coming from a teacher leaves a negative impact on mind of the student.

As many years pass, there are some words that are so destructive they should never be spoken by a teacher. Certain sentences do not have a good impact on their mind.

1. “I don’t know what I am doing”

We sometimes feel cheated and fraudulent. Teachers takes on enormous responsibility for many of the young people. Most of the time teachers have to face hurdles and perform different tasks that might challenge them. But you can’t transmit this in to your kids. Hence, a word of confusion coming from a teacher can confuse a generation. A teacher should always present a clear image of life and goals in front of their students.

2. “The other class did this well. What’s wrong with you guys?”

It is obvious nobody like to be negatively compared with other people. It is taken as an insult, not a motivator. A teacher should encourage students to compare themselves with only themselves. The only person we need to better is our own yesterday. A comparison always develops negatively in the mind of students. They admire their teacher; they usually want to be best in the eyes of their teacher. This sort of sentence will definitely demotivate their intentions.

3. “You will never be able to….”

It is not necessary to say in front of your student, even if you think that is true. Students get discouraged in terms of their overall dreams and goals if they are consistently reminded that they are good for nothing. A teacher should always motivate.

4. “I get paid whether you _______ or not.”

Spoken in moments of the difficulty, these words are lethal. Whether planned or not, students hear it as “I don’t care about you”. This is considered the most damaging message a teacher can send to any child. Teachers are a young mind’s source of learning and care. A student always deserves an attitude of care and affection from the teacher. A good teacher can make or ruin the mindsets of a whole batch of youngsters. Hence, a teacher should always care for their students and show it off.

5. “I can’t hear you/can’t you speak louder”

A good replacement for such a sentence can be “Please be a little more audible because the space is wider and there are many people in class”. Some students suffer from confidence issues or stage fright to stand up and speak in front of the whole class. Hence, asking them to speak louder harshly can be offensive and there should be a humble replacement of words to such sentences.