Ways your money can Buy Happiness for you


Every other day we come across people who are not happy with their lives and the irony is, they themselves don’t know what can buy them happiness!

  1. Are you Rich?
  2. Are you Happy?

Now, if your answer to the first question is positive, you can always make the answer to the next one positive too! Yes, money can buy you happiness!

Money can buy you Happiness provided you spend it right! It cannot make the difference overnightit can make a big difference in your life and, with that, in the world around you!

There are ways your money can buy happiness. Some of them are:

  1. Buying experiences: Rather than spending on things, try shifting your spending to buying experiences and feel the difference yourself.
  2. Buying time: Your happiness will know no boundaries when you buy time for your family, friends or for that matter, a forgotten hobby or a meaningful cause that benefits others.
  3. Investing in others:  Investing in others can boost happiness. Invest in someone, make a connection with them and an impact on their lives.

Always remember, every good deed you do in the community, pays you back in one way or the other. Sometimes it makes you happy while other times it makes others smile. Practice gratitude and increase both happiness and life satisfaction.  

A.R. Lucas has rightly said, “If there's even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life's too short and happiness is too rare.”

So download our app “MoreGoodDeeds” and connect with the world of people just like you. Do good and post it at the app. Get connected to a chain of like-minded individuals supporting your deed. Do good, spread good and receive good. That’s what “MoreGoodDeeds” is all about! That’s what happiness is all about!