Kindness is Twice Blessed

Monk Buddhism

It is said, “An intelligent person will open your mind, a beautiful person will open your eyes but a loving kind person will open your heart.”

If you want to have a great life, try being kind. Kindness empowers people. It is twice blessed for it blesses the giver with a sense of his capacity to love and the receiver who benefits from a kinder universe. Kind, happy and considerate people have the power to transform your life. Elevate your thinking and make your life meaningful. Your one act of kindness has the power to cheer up a lonely person, bring a smile to a grim face and present a ray of hope to the depressed person. Who knows, while being kind to someone, you even make your own day!

Life constantly keeps giving us the opportunities to walk an extra mile and do one act of kindness that can make a difference to someone. Make the most of such opportunities because the best part is, when you are being kind to someone, it will change things for the better at your end too. The kindness you do will come back as a blessing to you - when how and where, that only time can tell.

Be kind to someone today and share with the world. Post it on “More Good deeds” app and inspire others with your kindness.