A Hug – The Most Undervalued yet Powerful gift you can give Someone!

Hugging Children

Who doesn’t love an old good hug?

People hardly know the psychological benefits of hugging. Yes, Hugging is not a mere action to show your affection but can impact your level of happiness and generate optimal well-being too. Science defines hug as a form of fundamental human need – touch!

We all know the importance of a mother’s touch for a new born but little do we know that with the growing age, the importance of touch does not diminish. Even grown ups need a gentle touch! The act of hugging reduces blood pressure, keeps heart rate normal, naturally reduces stress and frustration and keeps the person happy.

So, why not make someone happy today with just a hug? Give someone the gift of a hug today. All gifts are beautiful if given with love but a hug is much more effective than the materialistic gifts of the world. It is most undervalued yet the most powerful gift.

Life is already too complicated for many. Make it simple by an easy gesture. Hug someone in need today. Comfort him and assure that things will get better soon. A hug brings positive emotions, smiles, happiness.

Hugging is considered to be a happiness inducer. It makes people happy and builds connections. It establishes bonding and trust among people. It is much more than a mere formality!

Start your own chain of spreading happiness into the world and make it viral.  Share it as much as you can. Include more and more people with you. Be the reason someone believes in goodness and keep leaving your footprints of love wherever you go. Posting your good deed is just a click away.  So, what are you waiting for? Download our app from the iTunes Store and spread happiness by posting your act of hugging. Always remember, “Hugging is a medicine. It transfers energy and gives the person hugged an emotional lift!”