Gratitude Makes Us Happier


The word gratitude can help you much more than you can ever imagine. Gratitude can help you experience more happiness, better health, deeper relationships and increased productivity. Gratitude has more personal and social benefits leading to an emotional uplift.

Gratitude strengthens our relations and makes us happier. It helps us experience good feelings and reduces stress. It impacts your overall personality and health leaving you more optimistic,  with improved self-esteem and a less self-centered individual. Gratitude also helps you be much stronger emotionally. You feel more relaxed, have more positive feelings, be less envious of others and have lots and lots of happy memories.

Imagine a world where no one will help one another. Will there be any life surviving? The answer is no. Even to survive, we need the help of family, friends, colleague, etc. Good news holds no meaning unless you can share with others and bring happiness. Why not share your gratitude with the world today? You will be surprised but your small step can make a big difference into the lives of many. Be grateful for someone and something and experience the transformation. Gratitude is like a perfume, whose aroma reaches all.

The human happiness system is fundamentally attuned to our acts. Download our app More Good Deeds and connect with the world. Show gratitude and post it at the app. Get connected to a chain of like-minded individuals supporting your deed.  Be grateful, spread good and receive good. That’s what More Good Deeds is all about! That’s what gratitude is all about!