If You Do Something Good, Shout About It!

Most societies bring up their children to be modest, gracious young people. Which is great … except when boasting is actually the right thing to do. I’ve already written about the contagious nature of kind acts and I’m not going to go into more detail about that here. But what I am going to talk about is how we, as a society, need to get better at acknowledging and vocalising good because this in itself will encourage positivity to spread. With the world’s media focused on the terrible, depressing news day after day, it’s us as members of society who are in the best position to do and promote positive thoughts and actions. How? Through boasting, of course.

Let’s break this down a little and I’ll try to explain what I mean. I’m British and we are known for our reserved nature. I was a confident child and I did well in school, but I would never have dared to say as much. When I began living abroad and meeting people from other countries and cultures, Americans in particular, I was shocked by their straightforward nature. “Oh, I’m really good at photography.” “I’m an amazing singer.” “I came top of my class at high school.” Initially, when I first heard Americans talking like this, I thought they were obnoxious braggers and rather big-headed. But, actually, they’re just being honest. They really do have these talents; they truly have accomplished these impressive feats. What is it about British society that deters children and adults from speaking frankly about their capabilities?

Because, trust me, it’s really not as scary as it seems and people won’t think you’re insufferably smug … probably. Here, I’ll go first:

  • I’m really good at teaching children to read and have developed my own phonetic system specifically for use in Cambodian schools.
  • I’m an eloquent wordsmith (see what I did there?) and a prolific writer of quality pieces.
  • I am a very skilled driver, despite what my sister says.

But this article isn’t about showing off our talents. Here at more good deeds we want you to show off your kindness too. Of course, doing something nice for someone, whatever the act itself may be, is great. Really, well done! Promoting good deeds is what this kindness platform is all about and our primary aim is to increase the number of acts performed worldwide. But as well as doing these deeds, you too can be a part of that promotion. Through our more good deeds app, we want to encourage boasting. Good boasting, of course. Boasting about the wonderful, kind-hearted acts you have performed or experienced yourself. By sharing your good deed with other users, we’re taking the contagious nature of kindness to a whole new level. Inspire people around the world, set off chains which span continents, and connect with other do-gooders in far away countries.

And thanks to more good deeds’ business backers, your boasting not only promotes self-confidence, self-worth, and inspires others but every time you share your good deed, a charity chosen by you will receive a $1 donation courtesy of our ‘causes’ feature. Yes, every time you do one good thing and post it on our app, a charity of your choice also benefits financially with no cost to you. See, kindness really is contagious! Check out our causes tab on the app to find out more about the amazing charities you can support.

So don’t feel shy about vocalising your good deed. In fact, be proud! Shout it from the rooftop. And by the rooftop, we mean our app. Available from the App Store for all Apple users and coming soon to Android models.

Go, do, experience. More Good Deeds.