Let’s Change Lives, Together


Good energy is contagious. You never know who might be inspired by you. It is said, “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” Do a good deed, embrace your words and pass it on to someone who needs them the most. Change is a process, not an event. Be a change maker and do it every day.

Kindness is a simple gesture that can have a huge impact. It is the best medicine that can heal almost anything. Give others hope through positivity, provide them the strength to remain positive and inspire them to do more good in their society. Be a part of a community that is dedicated to make this world a better place to live. Do one random act of kindness at a time and inspire the world at large through your act.

Rise up, see the bright opportunity in each new day. Be known for your kindness and gratitude. You don’t need a reason to be kind to others, to support an act of kindness or to help them. Always remember, we rise by lifting others. Your one kind word can change someone’s entire day, so just go for it. Everywhere you go, leave a glitter trail of kindness behind you. Let others follow you, support you, be inspired by you!

If you have a family that loves you, have food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof over your head, embrace it all. Be the angel of kindness; help someone today, lend a listening ear to a sad soul’s tragic tale, give a smile to someone feeling down, share your food with someone hungry, help an old person cross the road and so on.

Understand other people's plight and do one good deed with whatever resources you have. Share it with a community of like-minded individuals on our More Good Deeds app and get connected. Every time you share a kindness story, we make a donation to the less-privileged section of the society. Let’s change lives together and all it costs is kindness!