Spread the word…

Monk and flowers

Everyone has it in them to do good, right? Well, at least I hope that is the case. As a newly appointed ‘ambassador’ for more good deeds, it’s now my (unpaid) job to promote kind acts across the world and spread the word about this wonderful movement. And personally I think this might be one of the best jobs ever. Considering my other work involves running my own education charity, I’d say I was pretty much on top of the world right now.

So how can I, or you, for that matter, promote good deeds? Well, I believe there are three simple ways for each and every person in the world to spread the idea of doing kind things for others.

  1. Social Media – I for one have a Facebook page (and one for my charity), four Twitter accounts, and three Instagram accounts. Combined, I have a total of over 2,000 Twitter followers and 800 Instagram followers. That’s a lot of people I can potentially reach just with a few taps of my fingers. And more than that: in the world we live in, likes, followers, and being popular on social media platforms seem to be very important to many people. Cleverly, the more good deeds app feeds into society’s now constant thirst for these technological endorsements – by allowing users to gain followers, inspire others, and start chains of kindness around the world, more good deeds is a positive form of social media.
  2. Word of mouth – we all have friends we speak to, chat to, and discuss our lives with. If every person who downloaded the more good deeds app told someone else and encouraged them to download it and sign up, membership would spread incredibly quickly. So if you’re reading this and you’ve decided to download the app, why not mention it to your partner, flat mate, or family? We want every person to be aware of and using our app to allow it to evolve into the biggest kindness platform in the world.
  3. The science of reciprocity – this is a psychological term for an innate human quality which all children appear to be taught by all cultures throughout the world. ‘Give and take’. If we experience an act of kindness, or even simply witness one, we are more likely to perform one ourselves in the future. And as most acts of kindness are public, each typically inspires three more good deeds. Therefore, the positive repercussions of these deeds expand exponentially and can spread to the far corners of the globe. And with the more good deeds app, we don’t even have to see or hear about these acts – we simply have to sign in and scroll through the newsfeed.

It’s my honour to be spreading the word for more good deeds and it can be yours too. If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, all you have to do is simply download our app, sign up, and get sharing. Then get all your friends to sign up and share their good deeds too. It really is that simple. Together, we have the power to spread our acts of kindness all over the world and lift the dark veil of depression which has lowered over humanity over the past few years. We can do good, we will do good, and together, we can make the world a better place.

Go, do, experience. More Good Deeds.