Happiness Decoded

Money, Dollars

Ever wondered what ‘happiness’ means? Where can you get it from? Can you buy it with money? These questions are often asked by people who are in search of happiness but only a few lucky individuals get it right! Well, the answer is simple, very simple! You can definitely buy happiness provided you spend your money in the right way.

If you spend money on yourself, you get happiness momentarily. However, when you spend on others you feel happiness from the core of your heart. Yes, true happiness lies in giving and sharing!

The problem is that people usually spend money on things that don’t bring them happiness without knowing they can become happy by just shifting their spending. Rather than buying materialistic things, spend your money in a way which allows you to experience giving to others. In other words, you are buying the experience.

Buying experiences, now what does that mean? How  can you buy experience? Well, just one good deed will give you an experience that can make you happy. It can be as small as helping an old man cross the road, paying for a friend's coffee or making a small charity donation. Every good deed that you do in the community, is likely to be paidforward in one way or the other, the simplest being providing you sheer happiness there and then.

So, what are you waiting for? Do your bit to make the world a better place to live. A much happier place to live! I am a part of this online community. Are you?