More Good Deeds
More Good Deeds
Have you done anything good today?


We have the potential to do billions of good deeds around the world every day. The purpose of our team lies in making this prediction a reality and multiply their impact with the social concept of double impact.



Our social venture motivates, inspires and encourages people to do more good deeds. We analyse the trends and impact of people’s positive actions and the influence their kindness has on others and on their personal satisfaction and well-being.


About Us

more good deeds is a Kindness Platform for social good. We facilitate the communication between people and broadcast positive impact beyond their own network and close circles. We use new technologies to promote kindness between people. Our goal is share thousands of good deeds in our platform in a daily basis. To achieve that, we are building a new channel to fund causes by boosting the impact of all these deeds via the social concept of double impact.

What is double impact?

Each deed shared in our network is matched by our team, the kindness fund and organisations in the form of $1 donation to the selected cause.